Our Mission

  • To help Australian cancer stem cell researchers to find a cure for cancer.
  • To allow the cancer stem cell community to move quickly and effectively from discoveries to application in the clinic; establish partnerships among organizations nationally and internationally to accelerate and synergize research and translation opportunities related to cancer stem cells; and secure investments from governments, private foundations and the private sector for sustained and stable research funding.
  • To attract and retain leading scientists, students and management expertise to build the capability and sustainability of the Centre of Excellence here in Australia.
  • To identify and respond to rapid global changes in stem cell research and industry, ensuring Australia‚Äôs position on the world market.
  • To select research projects and programs in a diligent and transparent assessment process and will be closely managed and assessed using performance based methods and evaluation to ensure the highest quality research and to maximise the capture of intellectual property.
  • To involve Australians in the cause, from every background including minorities in order to enjoy the incredible diversity of resources brought to Australia and to produce social link and better understandings between communities.