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Stem Cell Club


                            BECOME A FRIEND OF THE CANCER STEM CELL CLUB

                          AND START ENJOYING THE BENEFITS!


Join something truly special today! Buy a $20 one year membership to For A CURE Foundation’s Stem Cell Club which allows you to get inside information updates and benefits part of the bright future of cancer treatment.

This is what you get!


♦ Regular updates on news and industry developments

♦ Exclusive free access to designer fashion travel news journal


♦ Receive opportunities for invitations to fundraising galas with celebrities and industry specialists

♦ Mingle with star-studded line up of some of Australia’s favourite celebrities and models


♦ Opportunity to go behind-the-scenes for a tour of the laboratory and to meet Australia’s pioneering scientists our amazing scientists

So come on board, contribute to a great cause, be part of a great group of people and enjoy all the extras that come with it!

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

We accept many forms of payment to suit including direct deposit, bank cheque, credit card and paypal.


Call NOW on 1300 651 633

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Corporate Partners

Event Buddies Group and For A CURE wish to thank all our partners.





Media Partners



Friends of For A CURE





James Bull Consulting | Passas & Co | Hall of Beauty | Katrina Ann Boutique



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Our Mission

  • To help Australian cancer stem cell researchers to find a cure for cancer.
  • To allow the cancer stem cell community to move quickly and effectively from discoveries to application in the clinic; establish partnerships among organizations nationally and internationally to accelerate and synergize research and translation opportunities related to cancer stem cells; and secure investments from governments, private foundations and the private sector for sustained and stable research funding.
  • To attract and retain leading scientists, students and management expertise to build the capability and sustainability of the Centre of Excellence here in Australia.
  • To identify and respond to rapid global changes in stem cell research and industry, ensuring Australia’s position on the world market.
  • To select research projects and programs in a diligent and transparent assessment process and will be closely managed and assessed using performance based methods and evaluation to ensure the highest quality research and to maximise the capture of intellectual property.
  • To involve Australians in the cause, from every background including minorities in order to enjoy the incredible diversity of resources brought to Australia and to produce social link and better understandings between communities.

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For A CURE Foundation is a trust, a fiduciary arrangement with the trustees managing property and exercising powers for the benefit of others (a charitable purpose organisation).

For A CURE Foundation is Tax Exempt and a Deductible Gift Recipient.


Angie Cleone has joined forces with her medical team and set up the trustee.

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Current treatment for cancer is highly invasive and difficult. But it is stem cell research that looks like the most convincing route to a cure.



The Australian Stem Cell Centre has a public educations campaign, fact sheets, patient information and a patient kit which can help you gain a wider understanding of stem cells and their future potential. For more information, click on their logo

For A CURE Foundation

PO Box 1071 Woollahra NSW 1350
Telephone: (02) 9328 7995 Facsimile: (02) 9363 0995
Email :
DGR 32 524 395 826 | Authority to Fundraise CFN 20908

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Main Activities

For A CURE Foundation aims to raise funds and awareness through events, fundraisers and wild activities undertaken by the Foundation, its corporate partners and the support of volunteers within the local area and the Australian population.

For A Cure Foundation gives grants to researchers that work on cancer stem cell projects specifically and to expedite research breakthroughs. We are passionate to “find the CURE for Cancer” here in Australia.

Learn more now or make a donation

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